Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is a fun place to be! Fifth grade curriculum involves learning about the United States History and Geography. We place a strong emphasis on development of "life skills" such as writing, reading comprehension, scientific thinking and reasoning, good organization, and moral living through a "live right" practical application study of the book of James.

Children spend most of their day with one teacher. Math and special classes are outside their homeroom setting. The current classroom ratio is one teacher to 12 students. We traditionally try to adhere to a consistent classroom schedule.
A typical fifth grade day would go as follows:

  • Morning work is on the board upon arrival of students
    We begin our day with attendance, pledge, playing our recorders, prayer and singing a worship song.
  • Devotions and Bible follow our morning introduction
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Lunch/Recess
  • Story time
  • Special class: P. E., Art, Music, Chapel, on Fridays
  • Social Studies
  • Science (Library on Fridays)
  • Preparation for dismissal

We celebrate several "Special" events each year particular to fifth grade.
Among them are:
1. United States Day-Students spent time learning about All of the 50 United States, their locations, their capitols and their important facts. Each child will then pick on state to do in-depth research on. We will culminate our first semester study with a special "dress up like your state day" and luncheon as each child reports on their individual state and prepares a "state dish" to share with the class.
2. Field Trip Day-Fifth graders will usually take one field trip each year. We will take a camping trip for two days and one night. The camping trip will consist of an educational field trip, and a fun recreational time to celebrate the end of our time together. The cost of the trip will be approximately $25-45 depending upon the trip taken that given year
3. Scrapbook Day-Students will spend a "Creative day the final week of school compiling a scrapbook of the fifth grade year.

Each evening, a fifth grader at CCS will bring home a homework folder. In that folder will be an assignment sheet and that evening's homework. Students will spend about 20-30 minutes on Math, about 15-20 minutes on one other homework assignment, and 15-20 minutes before bed each evening OR an hour to an hour and a half on the weekend. The homework schedule is as follows:

Monday-Math, Review for Vocabulary Test, and learn the first Bible verse
Tuesday-Math, Review for Spelling Test, and learn the second Bible Verse
Wednesday-Math, Study for Social Studies Test and do Spelling Home-School activity
Thursday-Math, Study for Science Test, and be able to quote your Bible verses for Chapel on Friday.
Friday-Math, Prepare for Show and Tell Mondays and be able to quote your Bible Verses for a test Monday

Most of the work from a given week will be sent home on Fridays. All tests except Math and Spelling will be held in the classroom. Special assignments will be held in a "holding folder" which will go home in the scrapbook that we will be putting together at the end of the year.



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