First Grade

In first grade, emphasis is placed on the student's attainment of basic language and mathematical skills. Our morning begins with calendar/math activities followed by language activities which include: phonics, spelling, and reading. Mid morning we have a short play break. After lunch and recess we concentrate our learning in the areas of math, science, social studies, and Bible. Each day the students attend a "special" class of physical education, art, music or library.

Many of the activities we do throughout the year are "hands-on" experiences. Field trips are also taken to reinforce some of the areas we are studying. Some of our trips include the apple orchard, Conner Prairie, Children's Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, ice-skating, and children's plays.

Children may celebrate their birthdays with a special treat and game. Class parties are given for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Thanksgiving is celebrated with a school wide program and lunch. The 100th day of school is cause for a big celebration in first grade. Students engage in activities centered on the number 100.



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