Fourth Grade

Welcome to Coach Pickering’s 4th grade team. Your child has been selected to be on our all-star team. We will be training this year to become one of God’s All Star Champions. The fourth grade is a year of growth, change and transition. We will accomplish this in many areas while our main goal is to become part of God’s All Stars.

I would like to welcome you to an exciting school year! This adventure will involve a team effort between student, teacher, and parent(s). Our communication is essential to a successful school year for your child. I will be in touch with notes, phone calls, emails, and through your child’s take home folder. If you need to contact me, call the school at 789-8710, or email me at I check these each day before the students arrive in the morning, and after student dismissal. If you have left me a message or an email, I will get back to you during these times. I will also check both my voice mail and email during my prep time, but I cannot guarantee I will have sufficient time to contact you then. However, I will contact you as soon as possible.  My home email address is: By working together, I am confident that we can provide your child with a successful 4th grade year at Calvary Christian School.

To ensure that your athlete receives proper training for the All Star team, I have broken down the team rule book into three categories.

Responsibilities of Coach: 
1. To treat each student with love, respect and care as an individual.
2. To provide the students with an orderly classroom environment.
3. To provide the necessary discipline.
4. To provide the appropriate motivation and feedback.
5. To teach and assess the required content.
6. To assist in the students’ academic and social growth.
7. To prepare the students for 5th grade.

Responsibilities of Team Member:
1. To treat others with respect and care as individuals.
2. To attend class regularly and be prepared to learn.
3. To cooperate with school and class rules.
4. To be responsible for the choices he/she makes.
5. To study and complete assignments.
6. To give his/her personal best effort each and every day.

Responsibilities of Team Mom / Dad:
1.   To provide interest, concern, encouragement, and support for the student’s performance in school.
2.   To provide support and work together with the student, teacher, and school for the nurturing and growth of the student as a whole

HOMEWORK:  Students WILL have assignments each day.  I will make a conscientious effort not to overload your child with homework, as I know that we all have busy schedules.  However, please keep in mind that the amount of homework your child has each day is in large part based on how wisely they use their class time!  All students will have a designated “Take Home” folder where they will place any documents from the office or from me, as well as their nightly homework. Please look through your child’s Take Home folder each night, check that all homework indicated on the assignment sheet is completed, and keep any documents addressed to the parents. I will only collect homework the morning it is due. Therefore, even if your child completes his/her homework assignment during the school day, you should still be able to find it in her/his Take Home folder that night.  Please review all assignments with your child to insure that they are complete.  Parents will be contacted if a student is frequently missing assignments.  Your child will receive a notice in their Take Home folder if they are missing any assignments from the week. Frequent late/missing assignments may result in recess detention or a reduction in grade for your child. 
REGULAR ASSIGNMENTS: Practice Spelling test on Mondays, quote Bible verse on Fridays, Spelling test on Fridays, read 25 minutes each night, math assignment daily with a test after every 10 lessons. If you have any extra time, please practice math facts with your child. I don’t think you can ever practice them too much J

GRADES: Your child’s grades will be determined in a variety of different ways.  Some assignments will be graded based on completion, while others will be graded based on accuracy and mastery of skills.  If at any time you have questions regarding your child’s grades, please do not hesitate to ask. 

100% A+
99% ~ 96% A
95% A-
94% B+
93% ~ 89% B
88% B-
87% C+
86% ~ 78% C
77% ~ 76% C-
75% ~ 74% D+
73% ~ 71% D
70% D-
69% ~ 0% F

CLASS INFORMATION: I will be teaching 4th grade Bible, Math, Science and Social Studies. All of these classes will be held in our classroom. Sister Collins will be coming to our room everyday to teach 4th grade Reading. While she is in our room, I will be in her room teaching 3rd grade Math. Also, your child will be going to Sister Malloy’s room for English and Spelling this year. If you ever have a question about a particular subject, please ask me and if necessary, we will check with Sister Collins or Sister Malloy.

MINI ECONOMY: We will be starting a mini economy in our room after Labor Day. Watch for more information to be sent home soon. I will also be using information from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior to teach about money.

Please make sure that your child has a pair of gym shoes that stay here at school for the entire year. This will help take care of the gym floor.
Please check the weekly log sheet for lunch/milk money information. If your child needs to buy a new card, please send in the money as soon as possible.
Chapel is on Friday afternoons again this year. I am praying that by the end of this year all 4th graders are filled with the Holy Ghost J We will also collect money for missionaries to turn in on Fridays. If you are able, have your child do some extra work around the house to earn some missionary money.
DONATIONS: If you (or anyone you know) ever have gently used items that you “need” to find a new home for, please check with me. With our mini economy, we will have a store every other week. We will also do an auction at the end of each semester. Also, if you would like to donate money to be used on items for the class store, let me know that too!

Please sign your Marsh Fresh Idea card up to earn extra money for our school. Also, please tell everyone you know to start saving their Box Tops for us. Each Box Top is worth ten cents. They add up quickly. Whatever money our class earns from this project, gets to be used in our room.

A Ministry of Calvary Tabernacle since 1946