Kindergarten at Calvary Christian School is
an exciting place as children learn to interact with other children their own age in an educational setting. The students are allowed to progress at their individual rates developmentally. The students are given time and opportunity to look at books, experiment with different art medium, drill on basic academic skills, and express themselves verbally and in writing. It is our heartbeat to introduce the children to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, and reinforce the concept that total obedience to God's Word is required.

A typical day at CCS Kindergarten includes prayer and Bible teaching, circle time with calendar and weather charting, drill work in phonics skills, seat work according to the Bob Jones University curriculum, and opportunities for creative expression.

Sandra Fowler

Items Needed:
Velcro type shoes will be needed for gym time.  These shoes will stay at school
All other supplies will be provided for your child.

A Ministry of Calvary Tabernacle since 1946