School Closings

The decision to close our school due to inclement weather is usually made before 6:00 AM.

WISH TV 8 is contacted with our closure information.

Once WISH TV 8 has been contacted, you can access their website at for quick information. Once on the website, look for information regarding school closures.

Other stations have our information, but they obtain it from WISH TV 8 after the fact. Your safest plan is to watch WISH TV 8 or visit their website at By visiting their website, you can sign up to receive a text from WISH TV 8 when there is a delay or school closing.

Most of the time CCS will close when IPS is closed but that is not done automatically. Listen or look specifically for "Calvary Christian School" or "Calvary Christian Schools."

Occasionally the Christian Schools close. These are schools of the Christian denomination and do not refer to us.

Staff members are called just as soon as the decision is made but please refrain from calling them regarding this decision if at all possible.

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