Second Grade

The second grade classroom is filled with an excitement for learning! The grade school utilizes Saxon Math, Scott Foresman Social Studies and Spelling, and Bob Jones curriculum for Reading and English. In addition, each teacher may create or discover other supplemental materials to enhance their individual lessons. I do try to incorporate lots of hands-on activities as well as role-playing, games and cooking or food-related fun to make learning more enjoyable.

Each morning we begin with our Bible pledge, a song and prayer. Then our calendar helper completes their job and we do a few math activities (which includes fact practice). The rest of our morning is spent on Language Arts--Spelling, Writing, English and Reading. Then it's time for lunch and recess.

We begin our afternoon with the Pledge of Allegiance and a patriotic song, followed by quiet work/reading time and bathroom breaks. We them move on to Math, Science, Social Studies and their "special" class for that day:gym, art, music, or library. As the day nears an end we try to have play minutes if our work is finished, and end by doing our classroom jobs.

We try to take field trips each year, which may include: fall pumpkin patch trip, the Veteran's Day Parade, a winter ice-skating trip, and a fire safety trip. Our trips may be more limited depending on the availability of parent drivers because we no longer have church/school vans available.

Friday is an extra special day for 2nd graders! It is chapel day. Sister Barcus is a dynamic worship leader and then Brother Barcus blesses us with his very anointed and unique preaching/storytelling from the Word of God. What a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their personal relationship with the Lord. This year we completed our required work/tests for the day in the a.m. and had chapel after lunch. Finally, the last 45 minutes or so are reserved for some special "Friday Fun" for those students who have earned an outstanding citizenship score for the week. Others will have seatwork during the time which will involve some type of skill review and/or practice.

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