third grade

Third grade is an exciting year at CCS! We really focus on improving our core literacy and math skills, becoming independent workers, and growing in our relationship with the Lord. In addition, we explore our world through field trips, experiments, and interesting books.

The third grade curriculum is designed to sharpen students' abilities in reading, writing, spelling and math, as well as add new understandings and competencies in social studies and science. In reading, students are required to meet an Accelerated Reader goal on building comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. We read a variety of fictional and nonfiction books and articles. In English/Writing, we use knowledge of grammar rules and parts of speech to improve and fine-tune our writing skills. Our weekly spelling test words are designed around a "spelling focus" rule that strengthens phonics skills. During third grade Math, we review addition and subtraction facts and begin mastering multiplication and division. We use math manipulative's to help visualize hard concepts. In Social Studies we study "Communities" with units in culture, geography, economics, government, and history. Science is currently being reviewed for a curriculum change, but we always have lots of fun activities and experiments! Our Bible curriculum studies the life of Jesus, his parables, the Sermon on the Mount, and the early church. We also have a weekly Bible memory verse.

Third grade is a big year. I endeavor to make it as fun and exciting as possible, as well as to pack it full of learning experiences. My goal is for the kids to become independent, lifelong learners who work well in groups and explore the world with curiosity. I look forward to working with your child!!

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